I’m not a heavy Instagram using and only pop over there once in a blue moon (usually when someone links their account), but after reading a newspaper article, I just had to go check something out.

A long train journey recently required a ‘meaty’ newspaper and that’s how I ended up reading a great article in the Times (I know!, an adult publication for a change). The backstory is about a woman called Jacqui Kenny and her suffering with a terrible bout of agoraphobia.

Her days locked in the house gave plenty of time to catalog some of the best images that Google’s street view has to offer. All the finest pictures were then used to populate an Instagram account called Agoraphobic Traveller, which has gained a huge amount of followers.


Thankfully Jacqui is on the mend now and slowly spending more time outdoors with the will to visit many of the places she saw on street view.

Its interesting that I’ve never used street view for anything other than looking at places in the UK, but just glancing through the pictures from around the world has opened a whole new used for Google’s tool 🙂

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