Its a Sunday so what else is there to do but walk?



You’ve got to admit the day of rest isn’t as dull as it used to be and you can at least get somethings done (provided it doesn’t involve civil servants or banks).

Lane to Idless Woods

Lane to Idless Woods

Still feels like a major day off for me though, so took the short walk (2 miles) out to Idless woods for a crash around. This place has come up a few times while I’ve been checking Truro out online and the pictures looked inviting enough to warrant seeing it in person.

Had to walk out along a lane to get there but wasn’t expecting much traffic (I imagine the weekdays are a whole different matter).

The various woodland sections combine into a decent 2 mile length with the paths pretty good due to a nice base layer of rock in most places. There’s still the odd mud pool (arghh! trippy coast path flashback), although the whole route was easy enough to walk around considering the crazy amount of rain this part of the country has been receiving lately.

I’m currently doing my best to improve the limited winter foraging skills I have. The trip was worth it just to find some of the edible greens I’ve been researching recently.

Unfortunately there’s also a huge number of dog walkers meaning I’d ignore anything close to a trail and only pick food from further into the wood. There’s a nice mix of trees with plenty of Oak, Birch and a good smattering of glorious pines.

The (off the mark) weatherman predicted brief light showers mixed with sunny spells which in reality turned out to be prolonged heavy (sideways!) rain with thunder and lightning thrown in 🙂

Had a great day crashing around woodland and I’ll be back out here soon enough to try one of the many excellent camping spots logged on the way round. It was also a trip down memory lane as these woods are so similar to the ones I used to play in as a child (sadly now bulldozed and housed over).

Keep scrolling for more pictures…….

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