All of us outdoor types wish for good weather so we can go about our various pursuits without having to hide from the rain. All that camping gear we drag around should be designed to keep us safe and warm when the sky falls in but just how much of a beating can it take.

There are some recognized ratings for much of the general and personal camping kit available today which give good guidelines on what they will withstand and it can be very surprising to see how badly some types of “budget” camping equipment will preform in poor weather conditions.


Some the tents strength comes from the actual framework which has got better over time due to the use of lighter stronger materials with the rest generated by additional support using guy wires.

Cheap tent zips can be a really problem with leaking water into the tent from the driving rain outside and its one of the main things to check when buying a tent.

In reality no tent is completely safe against extreme weather as it will only take time and a huge amount of kinetic energy to rip it apart, especially if that energy constantly switches its position on the tent causing a rocking motion. But some simple steps will make things much more stable and at least give you a fighting chance against the elements.

1. Using natural cover like solid trees or a rock face to shield one or more sides of the tent will increase its performance against very high winds

2. Don’t go half way when laying down tent guy wires and the spikes that fix it to the ground. You can even deploy extra fixing wires by using extra quality para cord which can be purchase cheaply

3. Closing the tent up as much as possible when windy will stop the tent being torn apart from the inside


The difference between a water resistant flashlight and the completely waterproofed models will become painfully clear the first time it falls into water. LED technology has produced long lasting and almost indestructible flashlights for outdoor use and with the price gap between poor and great models being small its best to seek out the most reliable flashlight you can.

Personal Tech

All the little gadgets we take camping with us these days are rarely up to the challenge of poor weather unless purpose built for the outdoors(hiking GPS systems etc). Even a small amount of moisture can play havoc with something like a smartphone and there are a multitude of see through air tight/water tight solutions to keep all your favorite toys safe while camping.

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