Finding a good solution on how to store a Kayak can sometimes be a problem especially if you have to store it in the house due to a lack of outside faculties.

Standing a Kayak against a wall with all the weight pushing down on one end will cause deformities in the shape, storing it with its weight supported evenly by multiple holds will keep your Kayak in good condition throughout the off season.
Thankfully there are a few good storage options that will keep the Kayak safe from damage and stop it getting in the way.

Floor Racks

This two unit storage rack does the correct job of supporting the Kayak properly and with the added bonus of being able to move the rack about if you need to.

Coming partly assembled with a minimum of setting up, the storage rack will hold a variety of Kayak types securely.

The only downside is the amount of floor space it will take up and if your living area is already at a premium one of the other storage options may be better for your needs.

Talic Cayuga 2 Kayak Storage Rack

Talic Cayuga 2 Kayak Storage Rack
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Soft Grip Wall Cradle

Wall cradles are a great space saving device which when put up high enough will store your Kayak in an area of your home you never really use.

A generous layer of foam padding protects the Kayak being damaged by the metal cradle arms.

A good solid solution to the Kayak storage problem. One drawback is unless you can mount these well above head height then the fact that you cannot swing the cradle arms flat to the wall when not in use could be a bit of a health hazard if used in a communal living space.

Seattle Sports SofGrip Kayak Wall Cradles

Seattle Sports SofGrip Kayak Wall Cradles
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Tilt Wall Mounts

The wall mounted tilt rack is a more low profile Kayak storage solution, by pulling the Kayak flat to the wall it takes up less space than standard wall mounts and when not in use the cradle arms fold away.

Soft webbing secures the Kayak in place gently but firmly producing an even overlay of pressure to avoid damage. All metal work is made using stainless steel so as not to cause jamming of hinges when the arms are left in place for extended periods.

Please note that the paddle rack shown in the picture is not included as standard with the Kayak tilt mount.

Kayak Tilt Storage Rack

Kayak Tilt Storage Rack
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Top tips for storing your Kayak

  • Don’t store standing up or laying on its side as this will warp the shape
  • Keep away from heat sources like radiators and other heating equipment
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid deformity and sun bleaching
  • After use in salt water hose down properly before storing to prevent corrosion

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