Carrying lots of water around when hiking or camping is only going to weigh you down, so much better to find a local source to supply all your needs.

All water is not equal and if not treated properly can easily make you ill very quickly and cut short all of your outdoor plans.

Water can be made safe for drinking be following some easy guidelines.

Choosing the water source

Unless heavily contaminated with man made chemicals all water can be purified but to make the job easier try to take water from clear running rivers and streams, pools no matter how big are generally stagnant and are best avoided all altogether and only used as a very last resort if nothing else is available.


Bringing water up to boiling temperature for at least 3 minutes is the time honored and best way of producing clean drinking water. Good practice is to filter the water before boiling by passing it through clothe or some purpose built filters to remove any large pieces of stone or plant life.

After boiling use straightaway of let cool and store making sure the storage containers are clean or you will be introducing more bacteria into the lovely fresh water.

Water Tablets

Commercially available purification tablets use chemicals to scrub the water clean of impurity’s and bacteria.

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Water Tablets
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Portable Aqua Water Purification Tablets with PA Plus

Iodine or Chlorine can be used for the water purification process with each chemical doing much the same job. The one drawback with using this method is that a aftertaste of which ever chemical you have used is left in the clean water.

If you use this method of purifying water on a regular basis you will get used to the taste although if its your first time it can be a bit of a shock but it will do you no harm and its better than drinking raw and untreated water.

This dual pack of tablets by Portable Aqua uses a standard Iodine tablet to make the water safe then a PA plus tablet to take away the taste left over by the cleaning process. Please make sure you follow the instructions on these products carefully to ensure clean drinking water.