If you follow this blog you’ll know that using a tent is always a last resort for me, but with the winter just around the corner, its put up with a tent or spend the next few months indoors (never an option).

I currently have a pretty battered Vango One Man Tent and being unsure that it’ll last another winter with me inside it, I’ve been looking to get something new. Always a firm believer that you get what you pay for, I’ve been giving the web a bashing reading any ‘real’ reviews I can find.

Vango Blade 100

Vango Blade 100

More Space

One of the other aspects that pump up the price is the need for a 2 man version instead of a dinky 1 man tent. This also adds (a little) extra weight and after struggling with a solo tent there’s a good reason for it.

Going down the 1 man tent in the past has been comforatble enough with a light load, although that doesnt happen very often and cramming myself, a big pack and all the electronincs I usually take up mountains into a small space is one hell of a tight squeeze (also not much room to move around once inside).

Something bigger will give me the chance to set up all my toys and have the room to use them comfortably, but this is where the price starts to rise.

The Question?

So, back to the whole point of this article (and maybe a little help for me), what would you consider your upper limit for a tent you’ll only be using for yourself and only for a few months of the year?

2 Responses to How Much Would you Pay for a Solo Camping Tent?

  1. Lee Barton says:

    I’ve bought, reviewed and sold many 1 and two person tents and found the Vango Blade 100 to be my favourite (so far!). I’ve never spent over £100 but would be open to a maximum of £150 as I do feel there is definitely a better quality feel than the low end £40-£50 ranges

    • Carl holpin says:

      Hi Lee

      I’ve had a few tents in the £40 to £50 range and always had to consider the conditions they go out in, because they can get ripped apart easily. The Vango’s I’ve owned have always been pretty solid tents that will put up with a lot before failure, but fancied something different this time around (after my Banshee Pro got wrecked during a poor choice of location/weather for a camping trip, great fun though!) and picked up a Zephyros 1 for £120.

      The weights good (about half that of the Banshee), although the ground sheet doesn’t feel like there’s much to it and I’m on the look out for a purpose built tarp to go underneath, so I can get away with camping in the rougher spots I love.

      I see tents that retail for many 100’s of pounds and like you just don’t see the point of spending that much cash on some of the added ‘bells and whistles’ these things come with.

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