Hooray!, Its that time of year again when the daily change in the weather causes a gradual drop in temperature and about the only time of year I get a cold. I know there’s many processes going on behind the common cold (probably why nobodies manage to kick its arse yet) but after coming out the other side of some very wet and cold wild camping trips untouched, it never fails to annoy me that I get Ill at almost the same time every bloody year 🙂

common cold bacteria

The Little Buggers Eating Me Alive

Passable Weather this Weekend

With daytime temperatures of 18 and 7 overnight (may a little less on the mountain) and a lack of rain, its just about good enough for a last gasp ‘no tent’ wild camp on some of the lower mountains of my childhood stomping grounds in South Wales.

I could still go but after waking up everyday this week feeling much worst than the day before with a scary case of ‘red eye’, it could give the relentless germs systematically working their way through my body everything they hope for and really make next week an actual living hell.

I live in hope though that this problem will simply go away and maybe if I keep munching the tablets, I’ll wake up Saturday morning feeling great and head on out (always the optimist).

Just to make me fell better (or maybe worst) I dug out an old photo of my favorite route onto the mountain from Risca.

Mynydd 3

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