As the new year has rolled in, my outlook has changed and it sees me much happier but also a little worried. You see I’ve suddenly become a lot more tolerant and finding even those mundane or previously annoying things more interesting.


Coming Down?

This may just be a temporary change of attitude because in trying to figure out the root cause, it seem this may just all blow over soon. You see, last year was MENTAL with massive changes, not only personally but also a stack of new business things going on.

Now everything’s turned out golden and all that (and more) stress is behind me, it seems I’m starting to enjoy life again :). Its not that things became too much, its just getting wrapped up in so many activities that normal life takes a back seat for a long, long while.

An Example

Slipping out the house Saturday to get some supplies during a very nice break in the otherwise rainy weather, left me with the chance of taking the long way home instead of rushing about trying not to get soaking wet.

What was available of the winter sun was giving its all and it wasn’t long before the other layers came off, leaving me looking a little odd walking around in just a t-shirt. The rucksack full of food was making the walk just difficult enough to keep warmed up properly.

Part of the loop home meant taking a long a road that has a fair amount of traffic on it, boosted by the weekend workers of the world making their way home. Was getting a little splash from the passing cars as they ripped through the surface water hanging about on the road, but nothing to worry about until I looked up and saw a massive truck heading my way.

The water getting kicked up by the truck was like a portable shower which seemed to be dragged along in a comet tail shape. Ah crap was my first thought, didn’t plan this walk through properly and closed my eyes just in case there was more than water mixed in with the oncoming cold shower.

Getting hit by an amazing icy blast would have normally hacked me off, not this time though as it felt so good I was looking forward to the next big vehicle and deliberately slowed my pace a bit.

This Could be Interesting

You’ve know idea how much I’m hoping this extra mellowed out mood continues throughout the year. That would make for getting up to new outdoor stuff this summer and means the compilation of a new, different and slightly odd 2016 bucket list 🙂

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