The Big walks of Great Britain is a step by step guide to attempting some of the beautiful long and short distance walks in the British Isles. Consisting of 19 chapters with each one dedicated to an individual walk from the 80 mile Yorkshire Wolds Way to the 628 mile fantastic south west coast path.

Big walks of Great Britain David Bathurst

The Big walks of Great Britain
From My Personal Book Collection

Having road tested this book myself during my last walk around the south west coast path I liked and sometimes needed the great way the book guides you from one section of your walk to the next while giving generous portions of historical and cultural information to make it an interesting read as well as a great walking guide.

Included at the very front of the book is some very useful information about the most basic clothing and health considerations before attempting any of these walks.

Having spent most of my life outdoors enjoying various pursuits and seeing many people get into trouble because of poor kit or bad planning its good to see this vital information included in this type of walking guide.

One Day at a Time

The author has split the long walks up into distances that can be covered in a day and always landing the walker in a populated area, this organization is good while you are walking and as an aid before hand to book any accommodation that you may need if you intend to walk over multiple days.

This also gives the option to take each section at a time and with some planning be able to easily find your way home at the end of a days walking.

Even though this book is over ten years old the paths and trails it details are timeless and only likely to have their course altered by increased erosion on some of the coast walks.


The only problem I found with this book was the great blocks of text that don’t really seem to be broken up very well and at first were hard to wade through, but that’s the price of having so much information in the book and still make it small enough to fit in a already rammed rucksack.


If your thinking of striking out this summer and attempting some of the challenging walks that the United Kingdom has to offer then you could do worse than taking this book along for the ride.

Author : David Bathurst
Publisher : Summersdale
Year : 2001
Pages : 448
Available from Amazon

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