Every now and then the UK weather grants us a great weekend early on in the summer where you don’t freeze the moment the sun goes down. Always ready to break away from the usual view of the world through a computer screen it doesn’t take much to get us tramping one of our favorite areas that is the beautiful Malvern Hills.

Last Sunlight of the day Wild Camping British Camp Malvern Hills May 2014

Fading Sunlight as Seen from the Malvern Hills

Even though the highest point (the Beacon) of the Malvern’s is only just over 400m it feels a lot more because of the flat land all around it. From the minute you start the ascent from Great Malvern your given fantastic unrestricted views over the surrounding countryside.

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The end to end walk across the hills can be down in a few hours if you push it but we usually take the best part of a day with lots of little detours and some refreshment at a great pub on the south end directly below British Camp.

From a distance the ground on the Malvern’s looks nice and green but once your off the managed paths and up over the many peaks there’s a lot of loose stone that could easily destroy the wrong footwear.

You don’t have to break out the mountain gear but a sturdy pair of lightweight walking boots are going to fair much better than trainers.

Malvern Hills Hike 2104

Malvern Hills 2014

Leave Only Footprints

One of our constant disappointments when off walking some of the UK’s beautiful places is the amount of stuff people leave behind. The Malvern’s is not spared this with the occasional food wrapper and plastic bottle just left on the floor for others to deal with.

There is NO reason to leave anything, taking a black bag and tying it to the outside of a rucksack means you can carry everything back. One of the most confusing things we see a lot is dog walkers who take the time to scoop up dog mess, put it into a bag then throw it on the floor??. Animal feces on its own will break down easily in the open air but plastic bags will take forever, come on people!.

Leaving the area clean when you leave Wild Camping British Camp Malvern Hills May 2014

The ground when we leave

Once everything is packed away the next day walk over the camp site and check its perfectly clear. Doing this is also good from a point of view of not leaving items like keys behind because it could be a very long and annoying day otherwise 🙂

Malvern is a huge conservation area with plenty of wildlife and livestock using the hills with certain areas cornered off with electric fencing. There’s nothing stopping you walking through these fenced off areas provided you don’t mind coming face to face with the odd cow but the usual rules apply of making sure every gate is shut properly behind you to stop animals spilling out across the hills.

The Art of No Tent Wild Camping

As with many conservation areas its not permitted to erect a tent on the Malvern’s or make a fire, no matter how small (as it should be).

Wild camping without a tent is the ultimate lightweight solution to sleeping out provided you have no fear of insects, a quality mummy bag and are sure its not going to rain (a feat in its self for those of us living in the UK).

Going to leave you with a short video of the view from the Malvern’s as the sun drops down over the horizon.

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