Snowdon is classed as one of the most popular mountains in Britain and anybody who has tried to find a place to sit on the top during a sunny bank holiday Snowdon hike will know what I mean, it gets really crowded and can be a great social event. Many groups hike Snowdon to raise money for good causes and can usually be seen in matching T shirts or even fancy dress.

There are numerous routes up onto the summit so you can choose your on way to hike Snowdon but I like to start off at pen y pass, using this route it can take about 4hrs to reach the summit if you are consistent with pace and don’t take too many extended breaks.

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A train line runs up Snowdon and stops right outside the cafe, this can get fully booked up in the summer so if you plan to hike Snowdon then catch the train back down it is advisable to book ahead and secure a seat before you start climbing.

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Have climbed Snowdon many times and even spent a chilly night on top for my 40th birthday doing a spot of no tent wild camping, seemed like a good idea at the time but resulted in a very cold walk down through the low clouds the next morning. Great fun though.

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The cafe on top was completely rebuilt in 2009 after the original had fallen into a terrible state and now almost feels like any other fast food restaurant once you are inside and its easy to forget how high the building is until you happen to glance out of the window at the amazing views, its great to sit outside the cafe on a nice day and have a hot coffee.

Mount Snowdon cafe

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Transport in the summer months is good with regular buses from the nearest train station in betws -y-coed that will take you to start off points all around the base of the mountain. Always check what time the last bus back to civilization is and give yourself time to climb back down the mountain because no matter where you exit Snowdon its a good walk to any long distance transport links.

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For supplies its best to stock up as soon as you step off the train and before catching a bus out to your starting point, the cafe on the summit makes the dire need to carry huge quantitys of water less of a problem with the ability to stock up for the journey back down the mountain. Please note that the toilets in the cafe have only hot running water so if you want cold stuff its going to have to be paid for. There is natural water running down Snowdon in case you really need it and I have used it over the years but drink it at your own risk (you have been warned!).

If you hike Snowdon on a hot day it can be a long haul especially towards the top where you are confronted by some big winding steps, also can be a bit of a scramble in places with some rocks to climb so good footwear that isn’t going to get shredded by sharp stones is advisable.

Cafe photo courtesy of Wikipedia