Last night was a nightmare, even though the promised extra snowfall didn’t arrive (its coming today) the wind was unbelievable with the initial camping spot soon turning less the perfect as the wind was constantly changing direction along with creating a cyclone style effect that seemed to have my beautiful Vango Tent at the center (result = No Sleep).

Ever the optimist I went and had a look at the coast path in Pendeen this morning just to see how bad its was and even with my reckless side there’s no way I’ll attempt walking on it until the temperature rises a bit.

I could have stayed in Pendeen for a few days but its a tiny little place and I’d go bat shit crazy pretty quickly, so made my way down to Penzance to wait out this crappy weather. Even getting here was a bind as all the buses are canceled and I had to walk a few miles onto a road with traffic where I started hitchhiking (first time for years). Luckily got picked up almost straight away and happily saving me a 7 mile walk.

I only see this postponement as a good thing because even though I’ve breezed through Penzance ever now and then, I’ve never stayed long enough to have a good look around (and it will be nice to get some work done while I wait for the coast path to sort its self out).

Per usual I’m currently sat in a coffee shop having a caffeine top up before I start the hunt for a cheap bed and breakfast for the next few days. The good thing about this location is its quick enough to get back to the exact spot where I left the coastal route and it has a bit more to offer than 2 pub + 1 shop Pendeen 🙂

Video Medley

Have just dumped all the bits of video from the Go Pro made over the last few weeks onto this laptop and will be going through them over the next few days to see what’s worth editing/throwing up on the Wild Terrain You Tube channel (you lucky lucky people!)

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