Having taken to night walking I have been looking at trying out some handsfree LED headlamps this year, the option to have both hands free and not having to carry a torch will make things a lot easier when stomping about in the dark.

Incorporating the power smart LED technology into headlamps has produced a series of lightweight units that can be worn without discomfort for hours at a time. There is always going to be a trade off between weight and operational time of the headlamps as the battery makes up the majority of the weight.

So what headlamps are available and will they last long enough without carrying around too many spare batteries.

I always like to look at the budget models first to have a good comparison of features and performance against something that costs a little more.

energizer led headlamp

Energizer L.E.D Headlamp
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Energizer 3 LED Headlight

A low price 3 LED headlamp with 2 producing normal light and one giving out red light for those moments when you don’t want to dazzle everybody else in the tent. The light fitting can be adjusted upwards to give more control over exactly where the light beam is going.

3 AAA batteries(included)will give a reported 28hrs of use making this a good budget headlamp for general use.

energizer led headlamp 2

Energizer LED Headlamp
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Energizer 6 LED Headlight With Bright Lights


A vastly improved set of headlamps over the first model shown, the same swivel head for accurate beam aiming but beefed up to more light output with spot and flood light type options. Powering 4 bright LED’s from standard AAA batteries give a respectable 19hrs of operation, while dialing down to 2 LED’s extends that to 50hrs (75 hrs when using the night red LED function)


Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with Strap

led headlamp 2

Streamlight LED Headlamp
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Going up the range offers more features on headlamps, this Streamlight model can achieve up to 120hrs run time when used on a reduced power output and on full power its seven ultra bright LED’s deliver a powerful 50 lumens beam. The main benefit for me is the overhead strap to stop the light slipping down over the head when walking fast or climbing.

The streamlight has a more industrial look to in than the smaller models but that’s the price to pay for a much improved performance