Waking up to a dry but cold day this morning meant I had to get out and do something. Not used to sitting about on the weekends but the weather lately has been crap and I’m pretty sure hanging about the house too much was sending me a little mental.

Taking a well known jaunt up the canal was a safe bet apart from not knowing how slippery the towpath was going to be after what seems like endless days of rain.

tardebigge tunnel entrance

Start Point at Tardebigge Tunnel

After spending some time on Google maps, I found a quicker route out to Tardebigge and where I can get onto the canal. This saves at least half an hour trudging up busy roads and can’t believe it wasn’t noticed before,

alvechurch canal towpath

Not Much of a Towpath to Stroll on

There’s a few breaks in this canal route because you can’t walk through the tunnels (shame). Some are straight forward and you can’t go wrong, but there are some big diversions that could get you lost without prior knowledge or a map.

hidden canal tunnel

Break in the Canal, You’d not Even Know its There 🙂

They’ve really gone to town on some of the sections of towpath around Alvechurch with decent all weather paths that don’t become a swamp at the first sign of rain. Turns out that the woodland on the other side of the canal in the picture below is up for sale (if only I had the money).

canal path barnt green

Love this Piece of Canal, So Tidy!

long straight canal

Did consider doing an extra 3 miles (or so) to the next train station at Selly Oak, but was battling a ice cold headwind along with getting a little tired of trying not to slide on the muddy path and ending up in the canal.

canal towpath kings norton

Almost There, Coming into Kings Norton

This is always an odd time of year when it comes to the weather (this time in 2013 we had some very impressive snow). The moment that sun goes behind the colds, the cold wind becomes much more noticeable, reminding you that getting into a warm house before nightfall is a great idea 🙂

sundown over the canal

Its Cold without that Winter Sun

kings norton train station

I See a Nice Sit Down in the Near Future

Roughly 5 hours of walking works out at about 20 minutes on the train home. It was slow going today as extra care had to be taken on certain stretches of the poor canal towpath.

Footwear Error

Knew that wearing my trainers probably wasn’t a good idea, but with all the problems my right foot has been given me of late, I didn’t want to risk a long walk with the brand new pair of boots I’m slowly breaking in for the summer (I do need to leave the house at least a few times this week).

Its a good job these trainers are coming to the end of their life because even a spin in the washing machine isn’t going to completely sort this mess out. This is one reason why I don’t own any light colored footwear 🙂

muddy trainers

All Muddy Again 🙂 , Think I’ll be Taking These Off Before Going Into the House

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