Picked up a GoPro quick clip mount on Friday while in Birmingham and just had to get out on the weekend to see if it stayed in one place and at least pointed the camera in the general direction I wanted.

Luckily there’s a small plastic clip exactly where I wanted the camera to fit on my rucksack shoulder strap.

GoPro and Quick Clip

GoPro Audio Issues

Playing around with short videos, its painfully obvious that the GoPro audio kind of sucks if you want the thing fully waterproofed. The video below is made with the open back fitted to the camera and it makes a big difference.

Not sure how this is going to react in the wind that walking on high mountains brings, but there’s always the option of using a separate mic and syncing it all up during the video editing process (that should be fun).

Checking Out Old Wild Camping Spot

A few miles trek across the top of Redditch is a woodland campsite I used a lot last summer, mainly because its one of the few local places where I get to cook over an open fire 🙂

I like to drop by regular camping spots every now and then to see if other people are using them or if access has change since I was last there.

This place has certainly been used by someone else, which could usually be a problem in the future although by the tidiness of the camp its more likely to be another proper solo wild camper, rather than a bunch of kids or drunks.

Seems the slight ‘glitching’ on the video is from having another program running at the same time on the computer used for processing and the moment I get the chance, it will be replaced.

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