No matter how much resistance you give outside forces on your life, things constantly push you back into a boring routine. This is where I’m at right now and predictability has always been my worst enemy with going through the same motions everyday bordering on painful.

That’s why life is getting stripped down, all my belongings are being moved into long term storage and I’ll be back on the road (where I’m always happier!) by the end of next week 🙂

Breaking Everything Down

Even when trying to live a fairly minimalist lifestyle its amazing the amount of things you collect without realizing and part of the joy for me is the ultimate declutter as I decide whats worth paying storage for and whats getting thrown in the trash.

The bulk of items are the 5 big computers and other electronic equipment connected to my various hobbies. Luckily in terms of storage these don’t take up much room and are top of the list of things that I’ll be keeping for possible retrieval at some point in the future.

What’s Happening to this Website?

Although other aspects of the work I do online are getting packaged and stored away, Wild Terrain is only going to get better 🙂

I’m all geared up for keeping this website going while travelling so you can expect a boat load more content than my sedimentary recent existence has been providing. Being that we are only just breaking out of winter in the UK its going to be cold and tough for a while but even that makes for interesting posts (and I never like my travels to be too easy).

Starting Point

As I’m in the middle of the UK the first move is too head on down south and see how the coast areas are this time of year. This trip is usually left until later in the summer, so looking forward to spending time there in the ‘off season’. A combination of wild camping plus use of the occasional hostel will see me into the warmer weather when I have travel plans into Europe.

Its been a great couple of days buying new wild camping gear but now I have to get down to the task of extracting myself from this humdrum life and getting back to what I truly enjoy.

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