If there’s was ever an award for getting bored with a place very quickly then I’m sure I’d have a whole bunch of them by now (in storage of course).

Where I was living in Redditch was bordering lots of green areas so there was always somewhere to go if I didn’t fancy getting on a train (or two). Even Truro has it charms although it seems finding a nice bit of greenery you can legally walk on takes a bit more effort.

Redditch was always a happy medium between the weird people hell that was Birmingham and living the rest of my life in some semi cult wilderness commune. I’d manage to survive the village mentality by being picky about social interaction and those quiet country walks (just for the record I’m not a hermit).

Redditch locals are just as crazy as some of the weirdos floating around Birmingham but in a more socially and strangely regional acceptable way 🙂

Even though the yearning for a bit more excitement had me popping up to Birmingham for a fortnightly blowout, city life has worn thin over the years. I’ve only been in Truro for a short while and I’m starting to feel the same way which is why an offer to live out in the sticks is sounding good about now.

The Offer

I’ve sort of fallen in love with the area around Crosscombe/St Agnes and there’s the chance I could get some temporary accommodation there which has luck would have it is also going on the cheap (more friendly people!).

Coastal Path Mine Ruins

Coastal Path Mine Ruins

There’s not a lot around this place with very little to do but walk and stare at the stunning scenery. This is the ideal place to get down to some serious work as I’m rightly taking advantage of all Truro’s distractions at the moment after being stuck out on the coast for a few months.

Making Sure There’s Always an Out

Having gone to great lengths to strip my life down to basics took a fair amount of effort (even though some of my possessions are effectively hidden) and the benefits of being able to pick my belongings up at a moments notice and move on is a welcome contrast to how bloated life was a few months ago.

The accommodation is only a loaner so there’s no notice periods or bonds to worry about and I’m determined not to get stuck there a minute longer if it gets too dam boring. The trick for me here is to make do with exactly what I already have without adding ‘stuff’ that has to be dealt with when its time to move on.

This is easier said than done! Ranging from little gadgets to make me work easier, basic home wares right through to the temptation to get at least one of my big computers out of storage or buy another one locally, there’s going to be a huge struggle not to spread my self out a bit.

The Plus Side

The countryside in this area is proper amazing with the only thing required to access it is falling through the front door (outwards obviously) and with the summer coming the short walk to the coast will be glorious.

There’s decent Internet access so the work side of things can carry on and I’ll have time to make some nice long YouTube videos if I process them overnight on my dinky Dell notebook.

So far I’ve only seen limited photos of the place although on Monday morning I get to take a trip out and see it for myself. The building itself is by no means modern which is fine by me and I’m hoping there’s an excuse for me to get a real fire going every morning 🙂

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