With the mountain top camping season not so far away, I’ve been out ripping up the miles whenever I can to burn away the last of my winter added weight. Wanting a change last weekend from well trodden local routes, took me down to Gloucester for a spin around the river Severn and the cities impressive canal.

There’s some pictures here and a short video (which turned out much better than the last one I did) of the river and canal walk.

The River Severn

The River Severn

Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Canal

Heading out of Gloucester on the Canal

Beautiful Lightship

Check Out this Beautiful Lightship

Can you believe the Lightship above is for sale!. Oh man if only, having always like the idea of living on a barge, this 7 bedroom monster would be heaven 🙂

Tree Lined Lane

Random Tree Lined Lane 🙂

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