After a good summer of mountain wild camping its been decided that the cold months ahead aren’t going to stop us both getting out this year. This has been made easier by Michelle’s almost superwoman like immunity to the cold, it seems the older she gets the less it bothers her (surely it should be the other way round?).

Winter Landscape

She’s had a little go before at camping in the off season before but these were short tester trips just to see if she managed OK.

Its all good though and shes willing to join me for some harder winter camping instead of heading out on my own which to be honest is probably going to be much safer.

Doubling Up On Kit

This does throw a spanner in the works though as all she has is fair weather camping gear and there’s a rush on to get everything needed. After years of sleeping out in the cold weather my gear has been narrowed down so thankfully its just a case of duplicating it.

The tents taken care of as we have a decent enough one that’s a perfect fit for the 2 of us but that’s where it ends. Clothing is the main thing with more emphasis on the waterproof side, although she has a pile of warm fleeces etc these are for “best” meaning we have to find stuff that isn’t going to make her cry if it gets damaged/lost/burnt.

Replacing broken items does seem to cost a fair bit every year but we’ve been lucky recently and the only “big” thing this year is a new set of hiking binoculars. The demise of the old pair was completely my fault after dropping them down the side of an old quarry in wales, not my finest moment.

The Forbidden Item

After freaking out during a 10 minute test of a new waterproof bivy I bought last year at least this is one thing that we don’t need to get. This does mean rushing to set up the tent if the sky falls in but the enclosed space is not to every bodies liking.

8 hours spent in one during a storm while walking the coast still haunts me today and I’d rather not put anyone else though that if it can be avoided 🙂

Got to admit I’m looking forward to having some company this year even if it means staying away from the more remote places I usually like to wander in the winter (for now).

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