The Cornish weather was so nice last Friday that it would have been a shame to waste the chance of a lightweight camp. Last minute trips out are always an excited rush, but so much fun.

No Tent Camping Cornwall

Even though I left the house pretty late in the evening, the light summer nights made it possible to bus/hike all the way to the top of St Agnes beacon before it got too dark. Still had to take an unfamiliar shortcut to make up some time, which cost me a pair of jeans after ripping them of some barbed wire šŸ™‚

Ripped Blue Jeans

Going more lightweight than usual because of a forgotten Bedroll was nicely offset by how warm it was overnight, and found it difficult to stay tucked up in the sleeping bag (to be honest I could have just fallen on any patch of ground and had the same good nights sleep).

Wild Camping in the Grass

The beacons height saved me from most of the coastal morning mist and for once woke up to a dry sleeping bag. Managed to get up and down the hill without seeing a soul, making for a very peaceful outing!

View from St Agnes Beacon

View from St Agnes Beacon

View from St Agnes Beacon

View from St Agnes Beacon

No Video?

After reviewing how many of my YouTube videos are set in the dark, I thought maybe this time I’d give it a missed as it was already getting dark by the time I got anywhere near the summit of St Agnes Beacon.

Don’t worry though, there’s loads of stuff in the pipeline (and much better planned) where there’s chance for me to add a load of new stuff to YouTube.

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