The St Agnes Beacon wild camp has been done a few times, but this time around it had a whole different vibe. The fantastic long summer has made me strangely miss the wind and rain that accompanied my winter coast path trek, and even though I knew it could all end badly, I still took the trip out to what is the nearest/highest peak.

The weatherman promised a wild night of strong wind, heavy rain with the real possibility of some thunder/lightning, and boy I was not disappointed!

Didn’t plan on getting my tent trashed though (destruction pictures below video), but even spending most of the night trying to keep the thing from flying away after both poles bit the dust, was sort of fun all on its own! (I’m a little odd like that). There’s been times when I’ve bought the cheapest tent possible and put it in the way of crappy weather just to see how long it lasted (never very long!).

One Rough St Agnes Beacon Wild Camp Video

I’ve been in this situation more than a few times now, so pretty used to it. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I had fun making it 🙂

Bye Bye Vango

The Vango Banshee has done me well and really feel I’ve had my monies worth. Its survived all the winter could throw at it while on the south west coast path, but there’s so many problems with it now (like no poles, all out of shape, zips on their way out, etc, etc), that its time for it to retire.

This does give me the chance to go shopping for a new tent (joy!) and this time around I’m looking for something smaller/lighter with my eye on products from Terra Nova

Damaged Vango Banshee Pro Tent

snapped Vango tent poles

destroyed vango tent

Broken Vango Tent

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