So badly needed a more straight forward wild camp this week after a crazy night on St Agnes Beacon last Friday(great fun, just exhausting). The weather was very warm overnight so headed out to Porthcothan Bay and got away with just a sleeping bag this time around (good job really, as I’m fresh out of tents and haven’t made my mind up about which new one I want to buy).

Had great fun finding a place to sleep as it was flying ant day on this section of coastline, and they were everywhere!

Porthcothan Wild Camp Video

Even though prep for this trip was non existent and I just threw everything into my pack 5 minutes before leaving the house, I seemed to have covered all the bases, making it one of the most organized camps in ages 🙂

Here’s to the rest of August being as good as the last few months, but the weatherman is hinting that the never ending summer is going to finally bite the dust soon (please, please let them be wrong).

Better get myself into gear and buy a new tent or I might not get any more camping done this year.

Simple Cornish Wild Camping

Portcothan National Trust Land

Rugged Cornish Coastline

Cliff Edge Sea View

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