Going further from home this week, I headed out up the coast for a Padstow wild camp and this time around left the tent and sleeping bag at home. The temperatures at night recently means it too warm to climb into the sleeping bag and its been relegated to a glorified bed roll (and basically, not needed!).

This did mean getting away with a much easier to handle day pack, instead of the big camo beast bergen. With just enough room to squeeze in all the extra clothes needed for a night laying on the ground, my little day pack insures I don’t floor anybody when turning around in crowds 🙂

Padstow Wild Camp Video

Like some crazed walking addict, I went further along the coast path then first intended but ended up in a nice spot with a beautiful sea view from my free hotel.

Sleeping directly on cold ground is an interesting way to camp, and you have to add a few layers of clothing and pick your chosen ground carefully (along with having a nice warm night to do it in).

Padstow Coast Path

Padstow Coast Path

Never Ending Summer

The weather in Cornwall has been nothing short of amazing for weeks now, and its given me the chance to do the lightweight camping that I enjoy most. Doing away with a tent does open up more opportunities to sleep wherever you want after a days hiking.

Padstow Wild Camp

Padstow Wild Camp

The outlook is looking good too, with some days so hot that I’m having to wait till late in the afternoon before heading out (a small price to pay!).

Padstow Estuary

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