The news is continuing to report on the worrying spate of French caravan gas attacks where owners are knocked out cold then systematically robbed of money and expensive items.


I mean facing someone who intends to rob you has to be bad enough but having them gas you then pick though your belongings is a whole new kind of scary.

What worries me also is that putting someone to sleep with gas has always been a tricky business and its only a matter of time before before someone gets seriously hurt. Adverse reactions to the gas itself or its use aggravating a persons existing medical condition are a very real risk.

Organization and the Art of Not Being There

Most of us spend our lives in a rush and the temptation to drive until too tired to carry on makes the French service stations handy places to stop overnight but they also make you an easy target.

With a little bit of organization and planning you can schedule your overnight stops in one of the many campsites along your route. Even if you have to go a little bit out of the way to use a safe spot for the night that’s got to be better than being robbed and putting your family at risk.

Sleeping Gas Detectors

For around £99 you can get a narcotic gas detector fitted that will go off when it detects something that shouldn’t be in your caravan, think smoke alarm but a lot more sophisticated. This still leaves the problem of dealing with the people pumping in the gas and you can only hope the noise of the alarm is enough to send them on their way.

Personally I’d rather use the avoidance tactic and give a miss to the places theses crimes are being committed altogether.

The path of least resistance to easy money will always appeal to those who would rip you off and with enough media coverage and information passed between criminals you can be sure this method will be tried by others as time goes by.

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