I use the term ‘found’ loosely here as this group was passed to me be a member of another Facebook wild camping group I belong to. For someone who proclaims not to spend much time on social media I do seem to belong to a lot of these group pages now! but thankfully only a small amount of my online time is taken up with them (and its time well spent).

If your thinking of walking the South West Coast Path (even just a small section) then this is well worth checking out.

South West Coast Path Facebook Group (England, UK)

To be honest it would have been good to happen across this group before starting my own amazing trek of the path and after only spending a short time in there, I can say there’s some very helpful and knowledgeable people (even on the lightweight kit side of walking the path).

SWCP Padstow

SWCP Padstow

There’s also good solid info on the condition of the path (delivered by those walking it) as it’s constantly in a state of flux as coastal erosion sweeps away (sometimes large) sections of it on a regular basis.

Hey!, even if your not into dragging yourself (plus kit) repeatedly up and down some serious climbs then you can just get all misty eyed at the totally stunning coastal pictures users of this group post.

Your going to have to wait to be accepted into the group (decided by admin) and as with anything in life ‘don’t be a dick’ or you’ll get kicked out 🙂

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