Like a man possessed, I’ve been watching the weather for this weekend develop into the sort of conditions when doing away with an annoying tent is a possibility. Its been a long time coming and I’m praying that we can say goodbye to day after day of rain, as we move into summer proper 🙂

St Agnes Beacon

St Agnes Beacon

The first coastal wild camp of 2017 that didn’t need a tent was down at Sand Point (near Weston Super Mare) and it was good to sleep out again under the stars last night with all that lovely clear sea air.

Coastal (No Tent) Wild Camp Video

Keeping the kit as simple as possible with only sleeping bag, lightweight bed roll, water, a little food, change of clothes (you never know) and my travel radio, meant ending up with a very light rucksack (which was heaven as that bloody Sciatica is still lingering).

Overnight temperatures of 7-8 degrees with almost zero wind and a small chance of a shower is as good as it gets this time of year, and means I could snuggle into my bag without getting too hot!

Not knowing what activity this area gets at night (its within walking distance of a few towns), the usual rules applied and I scoped out a place to sleep early on, then sloped off till it got dark before making camp.

It comes to something when I feel more comfortable sleeping outdoors (gone feral?) and managed a solid 10 hours sleep on that lovely springy heather. Was a little confused for a few minutes this morning as I thought the mist rolling in off the sea was cloud. In my defense, I’m so used to camping on mountains (where waking to a face full of cloud is situation normal) that my brain went into autopilot 🙂

Morning Sea Mist

Morning Sea Mist

More Pictures!

As promised, there’s a bunch of pictures from last nights camp. Samples are below and they’ve all been loaded into the (now bloated) Wanderings Picture Gallery

night fall over the sea

SWCP Camp Spot


2 Responses to First No Tent Wild Camp of 2018 (Video)

  1. Anna says:

    Those views are awesome ❤️ Can tell from your voice you were like s child in a sweet shop….excited!

    • Carl holpin says:

      Sure was, the first no tenter of the year is always special because its a taste of a long summer sleeping in ditches 🙂

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