Made a snap decision on Saturday to get out for the night and opted for the quick and easy Malvern hills. Even though I was racing against the sun (again) the timing turned out good with not much hanging around until dark and for everybody to go down the hill before sloping off to my chosen camp spot.

malvern hills beacon

Tonight’s target, Malvern Hills Beacon

The usual plan is to walk the full length of the Malvern,s and sleep over at the South end, but there was no way that was happening today and in a way it was nice to have a gentler day out for a change.

Temperature was about 4 degrees, which made for a very comfortable night all tuck up in my 2 season bag 🙂

Been up here more times than I can remember over the years (camping and hiking) and I couldn’t believe how little wind there was. It must be the first time I’ve been able to sit anywhere of the hills without even a breeze.

Malvern Hills Video

There’s a fair bit of video even though I left the camera on and it was totally dead by the time morning came around (must take more care to make sure its off).

Unusually, instead of shooting off first thing in the morning, I choose to hang around and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Being out of the way of all the hikers meant they really didn’t take much notice and I spent a great hour just relaxing before packing up and moving off the mountain.

One Coffee Too Far

Got down off the hills in fine shape, but the regular cup of coffee from a local shop didn’t go down too well. By the time the train turned up I was feeling as sick as a dog and half contemplated waiting another 2 hours for the next train.

basic wild camping kit

Simple Wild Camping

Things started getting worse once sat on the train and not wanting to experience the mechanics of throwing up on a packed train, jumped off a few stops early to get some fresh air. Still not getting anywhere back to normal after 20 minutes meant going back on a train was off the cards and with the sun still going strong, decided to walk the 8 miles back to Redditch up one of the national cycle routes.

Bromsgrove to redditch cycle route

The Beautiful Walk Home

Doing the whole distance still not feeling right was an experience in itself. Finally dragging myself through my front door a few hours later and vowing never to buy from that shop ever again 🙂

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