Good bush craft practice is having at least two ways to start a fire when out camping with at least one of them being something that is going to handle a bit of rough or wet weather.

Here are the options…..

Flint and Steel Fire Starters

flint steel kit xsma

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The most basic way to start a camp fire is with Flint and Steel, by using the flint to shave off hot pieces of steel into some sort of dry fine material you have a small fire which you can build up into a camp fire.

Using flint and steel can take a bit of practice to start a fire quickly and doesn’t really work that well in driving wind and rain but the upside is that a good quality flint and steel kit will give you thousands of uses.

Magnesium Fire Starters

magnesium fire starter 1 xsma

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Almost like flint and steel but using Magnesium to create that important spark, this type of fire starter generally gives off more useable sparks than a flint and steel kit per use.

As the principle is the same in that the sparks have to be used to light some fine clothe these do suffer in bad weather the same as flint and steel but if you can manage to shield the whole process then they work well.

Storm proof matches

storm proof matches xsma

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These are a great idea although you wont get as many goes as using the magnesium or flint starters, these matches are designed to carry on burning even when submerged in water so heavy rain and wind doesn’t cause them a problem and they will burn for about 15 seconds giving enough time to set fire to any kindling.

Sealed in a watertight container with the match striker built into the side everything you need is all in the one package.

Other fire starting kits

sparkrite xsma

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Very lightweight and small in the pack but a bit more limited in the amount of times they can be used but a handy tool for starting a fire, use the striker to set fire to the clothe bundles and insert them underneath your pyramid of kindling to get the camp fire going.

Depending on your needs one of these fire starting option should be right for you, if you intend to use the flint and steel or the magnesium strikers then preparing some kindling before setting out on your trip is a much easier option than trying to find suitable dry material at the campsite. A pack of surgical cotton or a pack of cotton balls are an excellent choice for kindling.

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