During the summer months you have the choice of hundreds of small and large campsites whichever area you’re camping in but once the weather has turned many of these will close down for the winter. For most people camping is best enjoyed as a summer activity leaving camping grounds with very little custom during the off season months giving them the choice of closing down temporally or running at a loss from the lack of custom.

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Time for a New Campsite?

For some outdoor types the winter doesn’t even make a dent in our enthusiasm, bringing further enjoyment from the extra challenge of poor weather or those great activities that are not possible in the summer. Do enough winter camping and you’ll have a nice list of places that are open all year round but what if your bored with the same old trails and yearn from some new stomping grounds?

Apart from eating into any precious outdoor time phoning around trying to find an open site can be a long winded process but there are much quicker and easier ways of getting somewhere safe to pitch up for the night.

Online Campsite Directories

Campsite Finder Online is a huge website which has a good clean search tool that filters results neatly based on your preferences.

Going through a search throws up a lot of UK based all year round sites that accept tents along with a few dotted across Europe all displayed in a list with full details and also pinpointed on a Google powered map for easy location finding. There is an option to book within the website itself but if your anything like us having a human at the actual campsite confirmed you’re all set gives much more peace of mind.

UK Camp Site.co.uk gives a list of winter camping sites all sorted by region with a link for each area plotting all the sites on a Google style map.

The website is a little crowded and could do with a better layout but it does contain some great detailed information on each camp ground along with pictures to give you a sneak peak. As you would expect all the pictures are taken in glorious sunshine so if your winter camping a bit of imagination is needed to determine how its going to look in the off season.

Reviews are a good way of getting the true info about any camping ground with this website having more than a few write ups that tell you exactly how it is making this campsite directory worth visiting for them alone.

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