Having a good bit of shade to hide under on those long hot sunny days especially if your looking for a place to relax or feed the children. Family beach Umbrellas give a height advantage over the many low standing beach shades available.

Big Beach Umbrellas

The Huge Sport-Brella
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Sport-Brella Umbrella

The interesting design of the Sport-Brella makes the setup easy because the majority of the shade is provided by a quick to open large umbrella. Addition side panels turn the basic umbrella into a 8 foot wind break and sun shade.

Looking at many of the beach shade designs available at the moment the big umbrella style makes it much more spacious. Most of the extra headroom comes for the angel that the whole thing sits when setup giving a better height than enclosed shades.

Can be used in the shade position shown in the picture above or stood upright in the more traditional umbrella style. Supplied guy wires can be attached to support the main ground spike when in the upright position.

Quick Specs

  • Rated up UPF 50 Sun Protection
  • 8 Foot Wide when Assembled
  • Built In Ventilation Windows
  • Sturdy Umbrella Design with Integrated Side Flaps
  • Ships with Carry Bag, Tethers and Ground Spikes.
  • Size when Packed 54″ x 4″ x 4″
  • Total Weight 9 lbs
  • Inside Pockets Storing Personal Belongings

Securing the Sport-Brella

Anchoring any shade or tent in sand has always presented a problem, the lightweight designs don’t offer much resistance against even small breezes. Number and depth of securing spikes will overcome the problem of products like the Sport-Brella moving around on a beach. The main spike on the end of the umbrella provides the majority of sturdiness while anchor points on the back end of the umbrella itself along with those on side flips prevent any “lifting” due to wind.

Sport Brella extra large beach umbrella

The XL Sized Sport-Brella
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Not Big Enough?

Take a Look at the XL Version

Same basic design as the standard Sport-Brella with all the same ventilation and accessories but adding an extra foot to the width giving a bigger internal area.

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