Got stir crazy yesterday and had to break away from the computer for a while so took the quick (plus cheap) train ride from Truro down to Falmouth just for a quick look around.

View from coastal path Falmouth

View from coastal path Falmouth

I’ve been to most places along this stretch of the coast over the years, but Falmouth was never up there on my places for a holiday as I always viewed it as more of a working port than somewhere to chill out for a few days.

Chilling on Flamouth Beach

Chilling on Flamouth Beach

Its pretty nice though with a town more geared to everyday life than some of the smaller ‘tourist trap’ towns across the coast. The good stuff really starts to kick in once you get out of the town itself and head towards the beaches.

falmouth beach

Falmouth Beach

With a few to choose from the beaches run into each other and if you walk along the coast path there’s some great sea views. All in all a good distraction for a few hours and definitely somewhere I’d like to come see again maybe to see how busy the place is in the summer 🙂

falmouth at dusk

Falmouth at Dusk

If your into big boats though this place with be worth the visit. There’s currently some navy boats in the harbour, although I’m not sure if they are being serviced or broken down.

big ships in falmouth harbour

Big ships in Falmouth Harbour

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