Finding quality extra large family camping tents gives the whole tribe the chance to enjoy a bit of the outdoors while keeping everybody safe and under one roof during the night. There are many things to check when choosing a tent for a big family and in this article we are going to cover the most important along with showing some suitable tents on the market at the moment.

Keep in mind that the even with the lightweight materials used in modern tent construction the models listed on this page are hardly what we would consider suitable for any sort of backpacking event and will need a vehicle to get them to where ever your camping.

What to Look for when Choosing a Family Tent

A good tent will be with you for a long time making it crucial to get something that is fit for purpose without having to compromise on features.

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Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Tent
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Solid Construction

Even at the height of summer good old mother nature can throw us a nasty surprise or two and a poorly designed tent just isn’t an option during bad weather. Tents that give a little when battered by wind will survive longer because they are going with the flow so to speak and this is a feature designed into some of the top survival models on the market.

Something that many campers overlook when putting up a is to attach the extra guy wires, these do a good job of stabilizing the tent should you experience any high winds and its a whole lot easier to take an extra ten minutes fitting them in the daylight than an hour during a wet windy night.

Dome style models are better at giving a good all round height and always think about the tallest user when measuring up a potential purchase.

Texsport Big Horn 3 Room Family Cabin Tent

Texsport Big Horn 3 Room Family Cabin Tent
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Everybody sleeping in one big room can lead to issues with privacy especially if you have older children. Thinking about where everybody is going to be sleeping is a major factor when picking a family tent because apart from some wanting their own space it may give all involved a better nights sleep if overexcited children are put in separate rooms.

Modular tents with multiple rooms that allow you to move the dividers are more flexible than standard two room versions by giving you more choice on how the available space is allocated.


The last thing you need is everybody to have to crawl around inside when getting ready for a nights sleep so the tents height in a main consideration. Some specifications will give a tents maximum height which is nearly always at the center but you should look at how high the roof is when it joins onto the side walls as this will avoid the taller members of your family from having to make their way to the middle of the tent just to stand up.

Roll Down Blinds

Even though you can buy additional blinds for almost any tent its better if this comes as standard saving on extra expense. Blinds will keep people staring into your tent at night and are very important in the summer months when the sun rises very early in the morning doing a good job of heating up the tent and waking everybody up.

Other Things to Consider with a New Tent

The stated amount of people a tent will sleep is based around everybody having a minimum amount of room when laid down and is more comfortable with more smaller children than adults in the group. If you are a party of 6 and want a little bit more room we would suggest going for something like a 8 man tent.

Make Friends with the Tent

We recommend taking some time and setting a new tent up at home before heading out, this will give you the chance to understand how the thing goes together and highlight any missing parts or quality issues.

Identifying any problems at home will save you from potential health risks and the possible ruining of a planned holiday.

Tent Pegs

More often than not tent pegs can be of poor quality construction and also have the annoying habit of getting lost very easily. Before setting out on your camping trip stock up on some extra pegs making sure of the strength so they wont bend the first time they meet the ground.

Even though paying to pitch up in a good camp site isn’t as low cost as it used to be its still a cheap way (when compared to hotels) to get the whole family away for a few days, and much more fun.

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