Simplicity of design is a beautiful thing that’s made even better when its also functional, and these metal self feeding rocket stove’s tick all the boxes.

Outdoor cooking at its most basic, you can use any available sticks to keep feeding the stove until your done cooking. There’s no weight listed for this product on the sellers page, but consider that its made from 4 inch box steel tube and you’ll get the idea (pretty sure that this will not be on a lightweight backpackers kit list!).

The seller is open to making a different size and giving the stove a coat of black heat resistant paint if you so wish (any extra cost and wait time will have to be worked out with the seller).

Height: 11″, Width: 10-1/4″ (top bars: 9″)

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Metal Self Feeding Rocket Stove

Metal Self Feeding Rocket Stove

This not exactly what your looking for? Scroll down the eBay page a little and see the other steel stoves this seller has on offer.

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