It’ll be a long time before these winter months will be replaced with something that requires less clothing just for going about our daily business and if your spending most of the time outdoors (either for fun or work) the cold is a serious consideration.

Multiple layers are a great help with most of the body, but if you need the use of hands, wrapping them up to the point that you can’t grip things is never going to fly.

These hand warmers could help and even though they’re not a new product and like all the best simple ideas have been around in one form or another for a long time, they are heaven on a bitterly cold day. The heat is produced from a chemical reaction sealed in the warmers once they are activated and you can always slip them on underneath a pair of gloves to lock more of the heat in.

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HotHands Warmers

HotHands Warmers

There’s also a range of foot warmers that work in the exact same way you’ll have no problem finding these on the bigger online shopping websites 🙂

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