Spending more and more time outdoors with those glorious multi-day camping trips kicking in now summer is starting to hit the UK (yeah!) means the amount (and weight) of consumables I have to carry has gone up. With one of the main weight problems being batteries, I’ve been looking at ways of cutting this back.

Along with the numerous sets of AA,s for the portable radio’s (gotta have my toys) are the big D cells that power my big old style tungsten bulb Maglite. A few sets of these can be a huge addition of weight to my pack and although they are usable for a good few hours, they lose their peak pretty quickly.

Maglite Mag-Tac Led Torch

Maglite Mag-Tac Led Torch

One solution is switching to any LED torch (much more efficient) and reducing the amount of cells needed by shifting up to the CR123 3volt batteries. Even though there’s plenty of flashlights using the CR123 batteries now, the Maglite version pictured above was once out in front.

Lituim cells are more pricy than standard batteries, but staying away from the high street and bulk buying CR123’s online will work out much cheaper because the price difference between the two can be ridiculous and you could feel like you’ve been mugged if buying locally 🙂

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