No more searching around in the pack for your next beer when out hiking this summer, just load up this can belt holder and away you go 🙂

Six cans of fluid is no small weight and to think this product is also marketed with wine in mind. Those hill climbs may be a bit tough with half a dozen full bottles of wine strapped to your waste, but you’ll be all set for one hell of a great party once you reach the top!

All joking aside though and taking alcohol out of the equation, backpacks generally offer limited space to slot in water bottles and if your out walking in the hot weather, this pack can carry enough water for a full days hiking.

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6 can hiking holder

6 Can Hiking Holder, Party Time!

Hiking Can Holder Details

Fully Adjustable Belt
Constructed from Cotton
Camouflage Design
Size: 65*17.5cm
Weight: 13g

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