Even though I have zero interest in fishing anymore (unless its out at sea), I’ve been talking at length to a guy about an out of the way local pond he fishes (Hi Dave, if you ever get around to visiting this website) and couldn’t resist going to take a look.

The inactivity of fishing may not be for me anymore but give me beautiful scenery any day of the week and I’m a happy bunny.

Feeling a little guilty about systematically working my way through a huge Chinese takeaway last night (I’m finishing off the prawn crackers as I type) and lucky enough to wake up nice and early this morning (04.30), it seemed like the perfect time to go have a look.

misty redditch road

A Lovely Cold Misty Morning Walk

Google Maps Strike Again

Taking a good look at the satellite view on Google maps gave me a rough idea of where I was going along with a few possible entry points into the general area of the pond from the main road.

This turned out to be a little more difficult than it looked because if you use the big G’s maps on a regular basis you’ll know that some views are seriously out of date, meaning that what you see doesn’t actually represent the way things are in the real world anymore 🙂

The places I thought would be likely points where I could get off the main road and head toward the pond looked like the military had a hand in blocking them off.

Not one to give up easily I carried on in my usual way of never being able to tell what’s private land or not and jumped over a few fences in an effort to find what I was looking for. After stumbling around in the mist for a while like a deranged hermit, all I found was enough wet grass to give my trainers a wash and soak my brand spanking new pair of Kangol jeans

Soaking wet trainers

Messed Up Before Breakfast, Situation Normal 🙂

Got to be a Better Route?

When you think that all the people fishing this pond have to take all their gear, there must be a much easier way?

Going to wait until me and Dave have had another chat before I head off again but it did make me feel less guilty about all the food consumed last night and it turned out to be a nice (if wet) early morning walk.

2 Responses to Early Morning Pond Hunting (Yes Really!)

  1. martin says:

    was your new footware waterproof?

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