Needing something to put my laptops on and not wanting to go through the nightmare of flat packed furniture, got me thinking about a lightweight camping table instead. Keeping in mind that there’s a high probability of another move before the years out, I’m doing all I can to keep things simple, so the next move will almost be as easy as the last (here’s hoping).

Vango Rowan Table

Not something I’d usually buy when it comes to camping kit (sort of goes against the stealth wild camping thing), but now its all setup, I can see all sorts of uses for it, and unlike heavy flat packed furniture, if I want to have my laptops somewhere else, its just a matter of dragging or picking the table up to move it 🙂

Living by the seaside means plenty of options for buying cheap camping gear. A quick trawl of the discount shops turned up a few tables for under 20 quid. These were oversized for what was needed with that extra space adding to the weight, and something I’d not want to carry home either (never mind dragging it around for camping use).

This folding table is pretty light (3.5kg) with a nice height to it (would be better if you could adjust this). Loading is rated at 45kilos which it could probably handle, but this is a lot more than the gear I have on it at the moment.

This table has already been out for a BBQ with my new neighbours and (after a wipe down) is now a happy home to the 2 laptops used to do the ‘online thing’.

Lightweight Computer Table

Just enough Space to Work on 🙂

I picked this one up locally, although you get the exact same model online at Amazon UK for a little less than I paid for it.

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