Had to pop up to Newark on Trent last Saturday to satisfy one of my non camping/hiking and much more nerdy pastimes (don’t worry I’m not going to bored you with the details). Even though it was a 3 hr train ride, it was worth the trip as I’d never been there before and took an almost instant liking to the place.

Some of the layout and narrow streets reminded me of York, a place I spent many great times.

Newark Castle

Newark Castle

After a spin around the castle (at least whats left of it), I wandered into the town center for a rare slow walk around instead of rushing my arse off to get somewhere before dark 🙂

Newark Church

The Chruch in Newark City Center

The route back to the train station took me over the river Trent which seems to have some nice walks down the banks. Have marked this spot down for a return visit next summer or even later this year if the weather throws me a nice hiking day.

River Trent at Newark

River Trent at Newark

Bad Timing

Some things just aren’t meant to be and although I had the time to do a bit more exploring, my body just wasn’t having it. Its coming towards the end of the summer and I’ve managed to give myself the sort of back injury that sleeping on way too much hard/cold ground brings.

With things to do this week I’m trying to take it a bit easier so that painful nerve at the base of my spine settles down so sleeping/standing/sitting and almost any other movement isn’t full of pain 🙂

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