Wild camping is a life changing experience that (in my opinion) everybody should try at least once. Its the ultimate way to get away from it all but does this solitude and remoteness put potential wild campers off?.

For those who’ve never slept out in a tent, just the single night in a regulated campground can be unnerving enough. Getting them to head off out away from everybody else and all the resources a campground offers can often be a big ask.

Forest Wild Camping

The saying strength in numbers holds true both from a safety and confidence point of view. Even being in a group doesn’t give a cast iron guarantee of total safety these days no matter where you are, but its a much better introduction to this side of camping, if your not an experience wild camper.

Wild Camping in Urban Areas

This has always been a non started for me and something that should be approached with careful planning.

The main problems are an abundance of people compared to the level of population if you venture out in the countryside. The locals have different expectations too, happening across a tent in the countryside is going to be less of a novelty than finding someone camping in the local park.

In all the years sleeping out under the stars I’ve seen enough to stay away from parks, graveyards and the other places you’d expect to be empty at night but can attract the worse kind of visitor.

Not Just About Pitching a Tent

A campsite full of other people with all the facilities and instant communication (should something go wrong) is a far cry from a deserted field in the middle of nowhere. Reading up on the basic survival tips and getting a good camping kit together will ease you into wild camping but there’s nothing like having a few trips under your belt to know exactly what your doing.

Joining up with another wild camping who’s got the experience is a quicker (and safer) way to storm up that learning curve. You’ll properly be introduced to some great camping spots that would have taken years to find (if ever). That said some wild campers (me included) are sometimes a little reluctant to give up those amazing pitches for fear they’ll get misused to the point where access isn’t possible anymore.

Don’t Fear the Night

If you keep your wild camping off the beaten track, the chances of anybody stumbling across you in the night is very minimal. The other side of this is if you choose places that would require the use of a torch at night to walk out of, then your always going to see someone before they see you.

When I first started taking my wife wild camping she was concerned about trouble from other people but this happens very rarely. Anybody intent on harm has better picking grounds that wandering around the countryside in the dark with organized campsites being more of a likely target than the hard to find wild camper.

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