Words are great but when it comes to explaining those amazing successes (or crashes) but a bit of video shows exactly what happened like no explanation every can. Dirt bike helmet cameras can be used for any outdoor sport from climbing to mountain biking (and everything in between).

Once you have the video you can share it online, send it to your friends or incorporated it in a larger video project.

HD cameras give a unrivaled picture quality and a good amount of data for editing processes but they eat up a lot of memory. This makes the built in storage OK for short clips but getting a good length recording is only going to be achieved by adding at least a few GB’s of memory stick.

Depending on how your going to use the HD cam a smaller card may suit your needs but using the unit for a few hours a time is going to require a fair bit of storage.

Contour HD 1080 Helmet Cam

contour HD helmet cam

Contour HD Helmet Cam
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Able to take a 32GB card the Contour HD will record 8 hours of High Definition video on one card (comes with a 2GB card in the box).

4hrs recording in full HD mode from the Lithium-Ion Battery gives time to get plenty of footage.

135° wide-angle lens with adjustable frame rate and resolution settings gives customization options to suit activities.

Comes with all the usual refinements that you would expect with a quality helmet cam.

  • Fiberglass/aluminum water resistant body
  • Large on/off slider easy to use while wearing gloves
  • USB Output
  • Laser Alignment

Straight out of the box the Camera is ready to use (after a charge) and will record a reasonable amount of footage with the bundled 2GB memory card.

The removable battery is a good feature and gives you the chance to get hold of a spare that will extend the amount of use the cam has when away from any charging points.

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