Today started well with a lovely clear morning and only got better by turning into a sunny walking day. Had some unfinished business to do in Truro and although I’m almost sure there’d be a bus at some point, walked the 10 miles instead.

Sunny Cornish Lane

Sunny Cornish Lane

Luckily there’s a quiet ‘B’ road that goes all the way. I get the feeling though that using a few public footpaths could shave off at least a mile. The lack of weight with only carrying water instead of 25 kilos is still taking a but of getting used to but its easier to get up a good pace and with the combo of sunshine plus speed I did the whole walk in just T-shirts/jeans.

Easy Return

Would have happily walked back if time was on my side but one look at the end of day traffic heading onto the lane made me think it wasn’t such a good idea (the 2 hour walk time would have put me in the worst spot at just after 5pm) and opted for the lazy bus instead.

The route isn’t too crazy with decent stretches of verge and path although the heavy traffic flow could have made those sections were there’s no option but to walk on the road a little dangerous for everybody.

Did get to take photos of the great view as the road runs right across the ridge of 2 hills (hence all the wind turbines). These pictures plus all those from the backlog are now done and added to the Wanderings Gallery making a total of 462 images (so far).

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