Micro LED lanterns are OK if your lighting up a small tent but to get a decent amount of light to every corner of the bigger family tents or for use in making a camp site much safer, something much meatier is called for.

Provided your not worried about the weight of everything you have to carry, the chance to light up a bigger area along with the obvious longer operating time per set of cells makes using a bigger battery powered camping lantern a good choice.

Coleman Double LED Lantern

Coleman Double LED Lantern
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Quick Specs

Fully adjustable light output
Two CREE Xlamp LED bulbs
Maximum output 390 lumen’s
Battery life 150 hrs (low) and 16 hrs (max)
Powered by 8 x D cell batteries


With the sort of output you’d expect from LED’s fed from 8 “D” cells the Coleman twin LED lantern has a good 390 lumen all round light source. The unloaded weight of just over a pound is easily dwarfed by the weight of a full set of batteries making it difficult to carry or justify if hiking of backpacking.

Fitting a rotary switch for output level gives a lot more control than the usual preset high/low settings seen on camping lanterns and ultimately a money saver.

If the low setting isn’t doing the job you’ve no option but to go to full power even though it may be excessive for the area your trying to light. With total control over output you can set the lantern to suit your needs without ripping through a fresh set of batteries pointlessly.

As you would expect from a outdoor lantern Coleman have made an effort to give this model more protection from the wind and rain but if this is your main source of light its always a good idea to keep it under cover in any sort of rain.

A Little Redundancy

LED’s have revolutionize large scale and personal lighting solutions with their reduced power consumption along with being almost indestructible when compared to fragile tungsten bulbs.

This lantern has split the output via 2 LED’s, meaning its not a total disaster in the unlikely event one should stop working. Relying on one light source is never good from a safety point of view and its always recommended to have a backup, even if its just enough so you can see what’s directly in front of you when walking around in the dark.

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