That first cup of coffee in the morning can be just the kick start you need to make the most of any camping trip, especially if you’ve got a full day of walking ahead. Open pans take a while to heat and your left with the choice of reheating the pan if you need a second cup before getting going in the morning.

Taking the coffee pot into the outdoors, the Coleman stove coffee maker go’s a long way to bringing the same easy morning caffeine fix to the campsite. Fully loaded the pot will churn out up to ten six ounce cups of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Coleman Camp Stove Coffee Maker

Coleman Camp Stove Coffee Maker

Designed to fit on an existing (or new) camp stove, means your not going to have to deal with an extra fuel source just to use it.

Size of the burner your using this coffee pot on is important if you want it to stay in place and not spill coffee everywhere, too small and that pot of hot liquid becomes a unstable hazard.

Bigger burners do give a lot more placement room and will only be a problem if the heat cannot be directed properly at the base of the coffee pot.

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To deal with all the direct heat from the camp stove, the base of the coffee in formed from solid steel with the rest of the pot made from a range of plastics to keep the overall weight to a minimum level.

Dimensions: 10.1 x 12.1 x 15.7 inches

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