Every man and their dog has a few fingers in the off the grid mobile phone/media device charger market and its no surprise that Coleman have been dabbling with these products for a while now.

To make an effective portable charger your always going to need a decent battery power source that can be converted down to a voltage with enough current to deal with personal media devices. A few AA cells just won’t give the longevity and Coleman have built the CPX 6 Portable Charger to work around 4 meaty D type batteries.

Coleman Portable Energy Pack

Coleman 4D CPX 6 Portable Energy Pack
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Breaking down and regulating the D cell voltage the charger gives fixed outputs at 5V DC and the always handy standard USB socket. You’ll only ever get out what you put in (even with a voltage drop) and to get the stated 20 times recharge figure by Coleman your going to have to use good quality, premium batteries to start with.

If your worried about the long term battery costs of keeping this Coleman unit running there is a CPX 6 V rechargeable power cartridge that works with the charger along with any other product in their XPS range.

Added portability is built in by giving the dual option of charging for 12V and 120V power sources with both adapters included as standard with the battery pack.


Weighing in at 15 ounces this isn’t the lightest charging option available but if your expecting to be away from civilization for a few days and the unit is loaded with good batteries or the power cartridge it will keep things charged.

Along with the weight is the units size (5.5 x 8.1 x 8.2 inches) which is based mostly around the need to house the D cells. Provided you understand that isn’t going to be something your going to slip into a pocket when out hiking there won’t be a shock when it arrives 🙂

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