If your a regular mountain climber or hiker you could have the chance to take on some of the serious mountains from across the world.

Climbing mountains for charity gives people the option to ascend some amazing peaks that they may never be able to get to either because the financial or logistical problems are too great.


The Time Cost

The cost of the trips will vary depending on where in the world the climb is and how long you the whole event is going to take. Taking one of the more extensive options is going to involve a reasonable amount of fund raising by collecting sponsorship money and this can take some time to achieve.

Thankfully many of the charities will give you good pointers on how to run a successful sponsorship campaign. Also worth noting that charities will need any money raised well before the trip departs (usually a few months).

Even if you cannot raise the full amount of the trip through your sponsorship activities then at worst you will have a wonderful experience at a discount.

Popular Destinations

The United Kingdom

One of the main charity climbing events here in the UK is The three peaks challenge taking in Ben Nevis (1,344 m), Scafell pike (978 m) and Mount Snowdon (1,085 m) the 3 highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales all within a 24hr period. This can be a grueling event and unless you are a mountain superman it is strongly advisable to get a fair bit of training in beforehand.

One bit of advice that I will give you from personal experience is to take every moment to try and get some sleep while traveling between mountains, you will be grateful for the extra bit of shuteye as your dragging those exhausted bones toward the top of the last mountain.


One of the most popular worldwide charity climbs has to be Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania South Africa and rising to an impressive 5,895 m. It is the highest mountain in the world that can be walked up without involving any serious climbing although you will be required to do a little bit of scrambling.

With the entire trip taking up to ten days and the cost running into a few thousand USD it is a big time commitment actually doing the climb and fund raising activities to pay for the trip. The length of the walk and the altitude can be a problem for a very few people so take an objective look at your personal fitness before making any plans.

Other Choices

Fancy a trip up to Everest base camp or a great wall of china trek, there are plenty of charity opportunities at home or abroad whatever your fitness level.

Doing a quick “climbing for charity” search online will bring up a big list of organizations operating these sort of events. Always try to arrange any trip with a charity from your own country as this will make all communication easier.

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