You know the unsettling feeling when your boots get to that stage where no matter how tight you do the laces up they still flop around on your feet?. Even though I could have squeezed another few weeks out of my current walking boots, there’s plenty of time to get out and hiking over Christmas and intend to make the most of it.

Braving the Christmas shopping lunacy on the weekend and making my way up to Birmingham meant a wider choice than I can get where I live at the moment. This time of year means all the shops are trying to compete and with a little bit of trawling around I managed to pick up the nice pair of Kamimoor lightweight boots (pictured below) for just over 40 pounds.

Karrimor Walking Boots

Sorry about the lighting, the lamp I use for taking indoor pictures is on strike!

I wanted to get this post up before the week starts as I’ve just began breaking them in and the nice pristine look won’t last 🙂 , a good bashing and a layer of mud doesn’t take long with the amount of walking I do.




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