The weather was too moody for the usual Friday outing this week and although I was really looking forward to a weekend of inactivity, by Saturday afternoon the walls were closing in and I had to get out of the house for a long hike.

Just can’t sit about for too long these days and even trying to take the time to watch a movie is becoming a chore, maybe its an age thing but relaxing for me is sleeping and anything else is only wasted time 🙂

The Route

Local forest walks
The 5 hour walk took me down towards Alcseter, through Haywood wood, past the stunning Coughton Court, up some of the beautiful lanes around here heading towards Sambourne then down into Studley before heading back to Redditch.

There was a little rain, but only the very light, brief kind that’s welcome on a muggy day.

Did find what looks like a new amazingly promising wild camping spot just outside Smabourne (picture below), which I’ll be hitting up the first chance I get!

The Pictures

In a change from the usual long winded post, I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking instead, Enjoy.

back entrance Coughton Court

Back entrance to Coughton Court

Coughton Court under a moody afternoon sky

Coughton Court under a moody afternoon sky

River Axe at Coughton Court

River Axe at Coughton Court, this road is always like this

country lane to Sambourne

The endless lane to Sambourne

new woodland campsite

A brand new camp site for me to try!

plenty of firewood

Lots and lots of firewood!

firewood log plie

Some nice person has cut a supply of firewood for me just in case the fire gets serious 🙂

forestry road

Lane through the forestry to new camp site

path through Wirehill Woods

Almost home, cutting through Wirehill woods

Woodland swamp pool

Wirehill Woodland Swamp Pool, so good for hiding things and I’d dread to think whats lying at the bottom!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post as I intend to start loading this website with a lot more of the pictures I take while out and about.

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