Was watching for a break in the constant rain all last week and the gift of nice weather on Saturday made me feel like Christmas had arrived early. No tent wild camping never gets old for me and I’m so glad at the ripe age of 45!, that there’s still enough steam left in the boiler for me to do it.

Twmbarlwm Wild Camp

As they say ‘nothing lasts forever’ and I’m just trying to get as much in before that day arrives (may it be many years from now).

Wild Camping Twmbarlwm Video

This ones long and even though I could have trimmed some more off, felt there’s bits that really needed to be included (like me falling in cow poo). After deciding beforehand that this was going to be an easy wild camp, I reverted back to normal and walked way too far in the hot sun 🙂

Enjoy the Video!

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