Camping with kids can be a great experience but getting the right mindset, routine and equipment together is a steep learning curve (especially if your not a veteran camper yourself) and all that’s before you find a way to keep them constantly entertained 🙂

Drawing on experiences of the people who’ve been there before you is always the ultimate short cut and successful, enjoyable camping with children is no different.

Camping With Kids : A Parent’s Handbook

Camping With Kids A Parents Handbook

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Sticking strictly to the first hand experience of a life long camper is this book written by Gia Scott.

Detailing all the bits and pieces needed for the child camper along with the easier side of campfire cooking and ways to stop the kids from getting bored.

Avoiding the major pitfalls does make the first overnight camp go much smother and lays a great foundation as you fine tune your outdoor activities.

This book is written in a very matter of fact style, which saves time getting to the main points. The tales and stories about the authors solutions to less than ideal camping experiences are worth reading alone.

Paperback Version 140 pages, Kindle Version 141 pages
Published 2014
Paperback Dimensions 9 x 6 x 0.3 Inches

Complete Guide to Car Tent and RV Camping with Kids

Camping With Kids Complete Guide to Car Tent and RV Camping

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Even though this book is a decade old, the mountain of evergreen information inside, still holds true today.

Laid out in a manual type format the book starts with that all important camping preparation (even more crucial with children in tow) before getting around to the actual camping information.

There’s a slight difference between this and most other camping manuals as the last part of the book is dedicated to the various activities you can enjoy while camping.

All the essential information is intertwined with stories that gives away the authors years of camping experience.

Kindle and Paperback

Paperback: 250 pages
Published 2005
Paperback Dimensions 8.8 x 6 x 0.5 Inches

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